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Anemometer & wind direction [Pro-D]

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This Pro-D Anemometer measures Wind Speed and wind direction when connected to a wind speed data logger like the new WindLogger, WindTracker or our GSM systems.

Pro-D Anemometer comes with wind speed sensor, wind vane and fixings for a 2" pipe (you need to provide wind mast only), 13 meters cable and accessories for installation. 

General Specifications:
Sensor Type: Wind Speed - Wind Cups and magnetic switch Wind Direction - Wind Vane and potentiometer
Attached Cable Length: 13m (40ft)
Cable Type: 4-conductor, 26 AWG
Material: Wind Vane and Control Head: UV-Resistant ABS
Wind Cups: Polycarbonate
Anemometer Arm: Black-anodized aluminum
Dimensions: 381mm L x 38mm W x 457mm H
Wind Direction Output:

For more information about the Pro-D anemometer, please download pdf file here


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Customer Questions

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Q: Dear,I have bought the kit Pro-D+Wind Logger.I want to use our own DAQ system for live reading, for that I would need more information regarding the output signal of both sensors (vane anda anemometer). For example, output range V, sensitivity, calibration values.Thank you in advance.João OliveiraBosch Car Multimedia Portugal SA

A: You can find details of the anemometer here: https://www.windlogger.co.uk/collections/sensors/products/pro-d-anemometer and also you can connect to the WINDLogger via serial port, which will provide the data ready for consumption in ASCII format

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