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Affordable wind & weather data loggers

Affordable wind & weather data loggers

Contrary to current belief, not only is the cost of monitoring minimal in comparison to the five or six figure sums required to install your turbine; it can also make a critical impact on the return on your investment.

The trick is in matching your specific wind profile with the right wind turbine for you; there are a whole host of factors involving wind speed, temperature, turbulence, direction and shear that affect this decision. Different wind turbines have different wind speed efficiency profiles. A common mistake is for investors and wind turbine resellers is to think that they can make accurate calculations by using wind atlases, computed model data based on over 100 meter height wind mast towers, or simply no data at all. 

The MATHS: A very small change, (1.1mph) 0.5m/s (metres per second) 8% on the wind speed can result on a 70% loss of energy production on the long term. 

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