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Remote Wind Monitoring via GSM 

     Logic Energy wind monitoring web portal

GSM Weather Station data loggers with remote Live information

We can customise to any needs, please contact us with your queries.

Ideal for wind monitoring applications: remote wind site assessment, wind noise monitoring and acoustics for wind turbine planning applications, safety and climate disputes on construction sites (see WINDCRANE for more details)

LeNETmobile, our GPRS remote monitoring unit is a combined hardware data logger with built-in central web server portal to access all your data pretty much in real time. Because this hybrid of Hardware and remote Software, it allows us to simplify the installation of any device. They key things you will be able to do very quickly are:

  • Connect sensors to data logger without the need of any setup or calibration needed on site.
  • The LeNETmobile GSM wind data logger is already programmed as a wind monitoring unit so no need to program it
  • Access and setup calibrations to your sensors all remotely via the Logic Energy web portal instantly (updates every 10 minutes)
  • See and download your data from the web anywhere, all the data logger data is backed up automatically on the web every 10 minutes.

The options for LeNETmobile are very wide, please feel free to contact us and ask for a quote with your particular requirements

Download generic information about our LeNETmobile Wind Pro and LeNETmobile Advance  

Below what some of our users think about our GSM/GPRS solution:

Hugh PIggott:

"I have been using data monitoring equipment for over twenty years but this is very different . You can summon up the data at any time from anywhere, and then check on just some variables, plotted over a chosen time period, and interval. It's much more interactive than the older loggers where you would download a big file, and hope to keep track of your data by filing stuff away. You can still download excel files. 

This logger is very quick and easy to install so it lends itself to use on multiple sites for diverse projects. It's primary application is wind monitoring, so of course it is ideal for that, but it has numerous other input channels and it can be quickly configured to measure rpm, voltage, temperature, current, etc etc. This is a handy tool both for performance monitoring and for commissioning of systems where one simply wants to keep an eye on things and check that the initial operating period is not going to throw up any surprises.

Power supply requirements for the logger are minimal and so it can be used with a small 12V battery and solar panel, but of course your sensors may have significantly higher power demands, so it is wise to make an appraisal of these before expecting the Logic solar power supply package to maintain the whole logging system. You can easily check the battery voltage via the online data interface.

I'd recommend the logic energy mobile logger to anyone who needs to keep a close eye on windspeeds and wind turbine performance."

 Jon Sumanik-Leary (Sheffield University)

"We used the Logic Energy Solar powered IP67 14 channel GSM logger to finish off our performance testing campaign on the Northwest coast of Scotland.

The case is literally bomb proof - I would feel comfortable dropping this thing out of a plane!

The convenience of being able to see the data coming in from the Logic Energy GSM logger in my office at the University of Sheffield meant that it was so much more useful for us as we could keep an eye on the whole system and get small problems fixed before they ruined the whole dataset."

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