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Vortex Anemometer

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Rugged wind sensor handles speeds from 2.3m/s to over 55 m/s. Reed switch/magnet provides one pulse per rotation, with a sapphire bearing to minimize wear. Comes with exterior grade wire. The Vortex wind sensor is great for do-it-yourself projects, replacement, or additional parts.

The Vortex Wind Sensor includes:

  • High quality 3-cup rotor pressed on a stainless steel shaft
  • Rugged Delrin body with bronze and Rulon bushings
  • Flat aluminum mounting bracket with 2 holes
  • Reed switch and magnet providing one pulse per rotation
  • 10 meter of exterior grade wire
  • Converting pulses to wind speed is simple using the following formula: 2.5 mph per Hz (1 Hz = 1 pulse/second) 1.1176 m/s per Hz (1 Hz = 1 pulse/second)
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Q: ¿Que intervalo de temperatura de operación tiene este producto?

A: This product falls under Commercial: 0 °C to 85 °C temperature range. If you need Extended or higher ranges, we can help you with those ones too.

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